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1 Session  $222

3 Sessions  $555 

6 Sessions  $1,111

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Receiving the gentle energy of the dolphins and whales is a joyful and relaxing healing experience.  Receiving a Dolphin~Whale Energy Healing session can help you with physical, emotional, mental stress and spiritual challenges.  All you have to do is set an intention for the session and then lay back and relax and open yourself up to receiving the healing energy from the dolphins and whales.

When you book a session, be prepared for the Dolphins and Whales to start creating miracles in your life.  They may not wait until the official time of the session to begin sending you their beautiful healing energy. 

​The Dolphins and Whales are waiting to take you on an amazing journey of empowering and creating Joy, Play, Flow, Abundance and Love into your life.  

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