21 Days of Dolphin & Whale Wisdom

Two new Transformational online courses inspired by the Dolphins and Whales!

Taught by Dolphin Ambassador and Whale Wisdom expert, Anne Gordon de Barrigón, with information she has received direct from the Dolphins and Whales during Dolphin Energy Healing sessions and meditation, as well as what she has learned through observation from her many years leading Dolphin and Whale Watching tours and spiritual Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats. Anne is thrilled to be able to share all she has learned from the Dolphins and Whales with you!

Pearls of Dolphin & Whale Wisdom

Learn the Wisdom of the Dolphins and Whales right in your own home.  Feel the joyful energy of the Dolphins and be inspired by the awesome energy of the Whales.  Develop your own deep, spiritual connection with the Dolphins and Whales that will stay with you forever!

​You will learn all about how to bring more Joy, Play, Flow, Presence, Transparency, Love, Unity/Community, Abundance, Forgiveness, Balance and Empowerment and so much more.

Dive Deep into yourself in this course to learn, apply and anchor in the Dolphin and Whale life skills of Being Present, Going with the Flow in times of challenge, Living in Joy, Embracing Abundance, Safety in Transparency and Creating Unity/Community in your life.  This transformational course will be available soon.