Testimonials for Dolphin Energy Healing

 “Anne Gordon’s visions were ABSOLUTELY ACCURATE- Amazing & beautiful!  Much was accomplished on the inner planes!!!”

“Anne was able to help to heal my heart.  I felt myself rise to a different frequency.”

 “I feel blessed that Anne Gordon was able to share this gift with me.  She is an amazing healer.”

"I was able to see a lot in my mind… I am so glad I had this done and would love to have it again, I feel like a weight has been taken away, like a new beginning.”

“In my work with dolphins and whales, I have been told again and again that they are healers and love working with people.  Anne Gordon is a gifted facilitator of this special healing energy and I am excited that it is now available to everyone.  Before my dolphin healing energy session with Anne, I was scheduled for knee surgery.  After, my knee felt so good that I cancelled the operation.  One month later, my knee still feels great!!   Who knows what these dolphins  can do? – Mary Getten, Animal Communicator & Author: Communicating With Orcas.

 “I was blessed to swim with wild dolphins and whales around the world for a decade and learned a good deal about the intelligence and nature of these cetaceans and other sea creatures. Anne Gordon's readings, based on turning into the energies and feedback of the dolphins and whales, sounds at first to be on the edge of "woo woo." But I was pleasantly surprised by how correct, grounded and accurate all of her images and insights were when she did a reading for me. What surprised me most is that she saw images of me doing the things I had actually done in the water while swimming with marine life, accompanied by the same kinds of messages I received directly from the dolphins and whales. My reading with Anne was so uncannily accurate that it earned my full trust, not only of her readings, but of Anne as a psychic and healer.”  -Bobbie Sandoz-Merrill, Author: In the Presence of High Beings, What Dolphins Want you to Know (previously Listening to Wild Dolphins)

“I feel very honored by my healer. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”