21 Days of Dolphin and 

              Whale Wisdom Course

Learn the Wisdom of the Dolphins and Whales right in your own home.  Feel the joyful energy of the Dolphins and be inspired by the awesome energy of the Whales.  

Taught by Dolphin Ambassador and Whale Wisdom expert, Anne Gordon de Barrigón.


This course is full of fascinating, insightful and applicable Wisdom.

 It will bring you deep into daily connection with the Dolphins and Whales throughout this course and beyond!

Your 21 Days are filled with Wisdom from the Dolphins and Whales that will Transform your Life!

You will learn -           

●Who the Dolphins and Whales truly are.
● How to go with the flow and surf through challenges like the Dolphins.
​● How to bring more Joy and Play into your life.
● How to live in the Present Moment.
● How to communicate telepathically.
● How to work with the Healing Energies of the Dolphins.
​● How to embody Abundance.
● How to embrace true Forgiveness.
● How to gently release emotional blocks fears and limiting beliefs.
● How to Reconnect with your life purpose and stand in your True Power.
●  and so much more!​  

Are you ready to invite the Dolphins and Whales into your life?