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Each Healer listed here has been trained and certified by Anne Gordon.* Each healer has their own unique specialty and way of sharing the powerful healing energy, wisdom and messages sent through them from the Dolphins and Whales. 

​Receiving the gentle energy of the dolphins and whales is a joyful and relaxing healing experience.  Receiving a Dolphin~Whale Energy Healing session can help you with physical, emotional, mental stress and spiritual challenges.  All you have to do is set an intention for the session and then lay back and relax and open yourself up to receiving the healing energy from the dolphins and whales.

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Kimberly Latta

Location: Longmont, Colorado, USA

Specialty: Kimberly is trained and certified in Reiki and Intuitive Energy Healing. However, she finds that her most authentic and profound experiences happen when she is working as a certified Dolphin-Whale healing energy practitioner.  She has dedicated her practice exclusively to serving the animals in your life, through her business, Animals Feel Better!

About Kimberly: Following the death of her husband, a dolphin spirit guide reached out to Kimberly and offered to help her find her JOY again. With help from her husband on the other side and her animal spirit guide, a new and more authentic path unfolded for her life.  She is now living her true purpose, traveling the world to connect with and learn life lessons from the animals.  Her experiences provide a strong foundation that she draws from to help your animals live their best lives.

Contact Info: +1 (720) 376-2653

Featured Healers

Gail M Clement

Location: Portland, Oregon, USA

Specialty: During Gail’s Dolphin~Whale Healing Sessions, the Whales and Dolphins work at the soul level, providing understanding and guidance on how to achieve your soul’s purpose during this lifetime on Earth. While this guidance is profound, it is also deeply practical. The soul level is that unchanging, eternal essence that is the foundation of every lifetime and every phase of existence.

About Gail: Gail is an experienced interspecies communicator, intuitive, and certified Dolphin~Whale Energy Healer. Her goal is to help you connect with the Dolphins and Whales for your highest and greatest good. 

Contact Info: +1 (480) 390-4052