to our monthly sessions $22 per month.

When you book a session, be prepared for the Dolphins to start creating miracles in your life.  The dolphins may not wait until the official time of the session to begin sending you their beautiful healing energy. 

​The Dolphins are waiting to take you on an amazing journey of empowering and creating Joy, Play, Flow, Abundance and Love into your life.  Are you ready?

Session Prices
1 Session  $95.00
3 Sessions  $250.00 (or $83.00/session)
6 Sessions  $450.00 (or $75.00/session)

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Session Prices

Private Sessions

to attend one Group Dolphin Energy Healing session for $27.00.

Join our monthly group Dolphin Energy Healing sessions.  These sessions will be done live via tele-conference calls.  Anne will tune channel the healing energy of the dolphins, whales and whoever else chooses to share with us.  Anne will share the messages she receives during the session for the group.  

​The Group Dolphin Energy Healing sessions will also be recorded so if you miss the live call you will receive a link to watch the recording of the session at your convenience.   The Group sessions will be held the last weekend of each month.  You will be notified of the date, time and call in details once you register for the sessions.

Group Session Price

$22.00 per month subscription 

$27.00 per session. Pay for one session at a time.

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Join our Group Dolphin Energy Healing sessions with PayPal here.

Receiving the gentle energy of the dolphins is a joyful and relaxing healing experience.  Receiving a Dolphin Energy Healing session can help you with physical, emotional, mental stress and spiritual challenges.  All you have to do is set an intention for the session and then lay back and relax and open yourself up to receiving the healing energy from the dolphins.

Group Sessions