Completely immerse yourself in the healing energies of the whales and dolphins.  Magical 5 day Spiritual retreats where you will open an intimate and transformational connection with wild whales and dolphins.


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Whale Wisdom

Join us for a free webinar in which we will we give you the tools to learn how to "swim" side by side with the Orca whales to live in Perfect Balance and embody Apex, Living Fully in your Power. Why Orca?   Orcas are at the apex or top of the food chain.  Orcas are mirrors for humans to learn from as we are the apex species on land.  There is  much we can learn from them as they live in Perfect Balance with their environment as we humans need to do.

The dolphins describe their energy as the frequency of JOY, of MOVEMENT, of CREATING FLOW, flow of LOVE, flow of ABUNDANCE,  and an OPENING OF THE HEART as never before! 

Align with Orca Whale Webinar

A deeply respectful, highly advanced form of spiritual energy healing.  

Dolphins and Whales have been on the Earth for 30 million years.  They are highly conscious and intelligent beings who are happy to share with us humans wisdom they have learned to help us live a more joyful and peaceful life.

Dolphin Energy Healing has been well documented to assist autistic children swimming with dolphins to come away from the experience more communicative and with more eye contact.  There are many cases of clinically depressed adults, who after swimming with dolphins only once, come out functional.  People who have chronic back pain, tumors and other ailments have reported their symptoms completely gone after swimming with dolphins. 

Now you do not need to travel to be with the dolphins to receive their powerful healing energies!  Anne Gordon de Barrig√≥n is a certified Dolphin Energy Healing practioner who can connect with and send you the proven healing energies of the dolphins (and whales)  either in person or through a distance phone session.

Dolphin Energy Healing can be useful in assisting with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges.  You can receive the healing energy from the dolphins in either a Private session or in our monthly Group healing sessions.

Dolphin Healing