​​​​Dolphin Energy Healing is a is a deeply respectful, highly advanced form of spiritual energy healing.  

The beauty of this modality is that it can be done without the physical presence of dolphins. It works equally well in person or over great distances.

 It has been well documented that people have had miraculous healings being in the presence of live Dolphins, both wild and captive.  There are many captive programs that bring autistic and developmentally challenged individuals to swim with Dolphins and they come out happier, healthier and more verbal.  Now, through your certified Dolphin Energy practitioner you can access this same healing energy of the Dolphins without having to travel or get in the water.  

A Dolphin Energy Healing session can address physical, emotional and/or spiritual issues you may be facing.  Or you can ask the Dolphins to send their incredible energy for your highest good.    

  Your certified Dolphin Energy practitioner, Anne Gordon, Dolphin Ambassador, also receives beautiful visions and messages for you from the Dolphins and often other sea creatures that she will share with you after the session is complete.  Clients have found these visions and messages to be very insightful and deeply personal and meaningful.   

​Receiving a dolphin energy healing is a simple process of relaxing and opening     yourself up to receive.  Distance or in person sessions work equally as well.  For  a distance session you make a quick phone call to Anne and she will give you  some simple instructions and help you set an intention for the session as well as   help you to open to the frequency of the dolphins. Then you hang up and sit or   lie down to receive.  You can even fall asleep during the session! Sessions generally last about 45 minutes.  After you feel complete, you phone Anne again and she will discuss how the session went for you and share with you her   unique gift of receiving visions and messages from the dolphins and many other  creatures from both the sea and land.  All the visions and messages Anne receives for you are guided by the dolphins to help give you clarity in many areas of your life. 

Anne offers both Private and monthly Group Dolphin Energy Healing sessions.