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Dolphin Dialogues

​​​​​​Dolphin Dialogues  are a way for you to receive guidance, messages just for you and their deep healing energy as much as twice a month for a full year!

Each session will last 15 minutes.  You will receive a highly concentrated Dolphin Energy Healing session where Anne will channel their healing energy and share their messages from the Dolphins as she receives them.  The Dolphins know exactly what you need and with laser precision go right to the root of the problem to rapidly help you to take the action required to bring you back into health, joy, a state of calm and strong inner strength and confidence.

Your Dolphin Dialogues  can be used for

  • Health challenges
  • Mental blocks
  • Emotional struggles
  • Spiritual growth
  • Gaining clarity in making decisions 
  • Conflict resolution
  • Boosting self esteem and confidence
  • Recovering Joy
  • Deepening your relationship with the Dolphins
  • and so much more!

Do you dream of a deep and healing connection with the Dolphins?